Articles in Scientific Journals

The development of psychoanalysis as a science can be followed due to the scientific work of psychoanalysts published in scientific journals. Today, there is more than fifty different scientific journals worldwide that publish psychoanalytical studies. Members of our Society are also engaged in scientific research and some work as professors at universities. Here is a list of psychoanalysis-related studies conducted by our members.

The History of Psychoanalysis in Serbia in XX century - Kordić, B., Engrami, 2011.

A Review of the "Mentalization Based Treatment" Principle  - Dimitrijević, A., Psihijatrija danas, 2011.

Psychic Reality in the Classical Psychoanalytical Theory - Kordić, B., Engrami, 2009.

Narcissism and Mourning - Dimitrijević, A., Psihijatrija danas, 2008.

A Review of Psychoanalytic Outcome Research - Kordić, B., Psihologija, 2004.

The Concept of Personality Borders and their Beginnings in the Early Development - Dimitrijević, A., Psihologija, 2003.

Child is been Beaten from the War Perspective - Kordić, B., Psihologija, 2002.