The BPS is working on spreading psychoanalysis on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The work of the Society consists of training new candidates for psychoanalysts, implementation of psychoanalysis as a form of therapy, supporting further development of scientific psychoanalytical thought, as well as familiarizing related disciplines and the general public with the psychoanalytical theory.

The objectives of the Society are:

• To develop, spread and promote the psychoanalytical theory and practice.
• To maintain and improve standards of psychoanalytical practice and education.
• To further develop the research in psychoanalysis.
• To improve communication and cooperation with other psychoanalysts and psychoanalytical associations, members of IPA.
• To improve the cooperation of psychoanalysis with other disciplines.
• To protect the professional interests of its members.


President: Svetlana Virijević Mudrić
Secretary: Boris Kordić
Treasury: Sonja Đorđević
President of Training Committee: Vladimir Jović
President of Ethics Committee: Tija Despotović

The management of BPS was elected for a term of two years by the Assembly meeting held on 6th December 2020. In the program for the following period, the BPS management prioritized the modernization of education for psychoanalysts, clear representation of progress in the course of the education, the adjustment of education costs to the economic situation in the country, as well as the promotion of psychoanalysis in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


1. Ivanka Dunjić

2. Vida Rakić-Glišić

3. Tija Despotović

4. Boris Kordić

5. Svetlana Mudrić-Virijević

6. Brankica Aćimović

7. Vladimir Jović

8. Slavko Mačkić

9. Sonja Đorđević

10. Biljana Pirgić

11. Ljiljana Neljdihin

12. Nataša Cvetković-Jović

Honorary member:

1. Sverre Varvin - Norwegian Psychoanalytical Society


The Society was registered at the Business Registers Agency, and it issued a new Statute at the Assembly session held on 05 November 2014 that can be downloaded here.

The Society has adopted new bylaws at the Assembly session held on 28 June 2015:

- Rules on the Management of BPS download here
- Rules on BPS education - download here
- Rules on Acquiring the Status of BPS Training Analyst - download here
- BPS Ethics Code - download here

Member of Global Associations


Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society is a member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). Members of BPS respect ethical and professional standards of psychoanalytical practice prescribed by the IPA. As an association, the BPS is qualified to independently conduct the selection and training of candidates for the clinical practice of psychoanalysis in accordance with the prescribed requirements of the IPA >> Read more




Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society is a member of the European Psychoanalytical Federation-EPF). The EPF is a regional organisation within the IPA that coordinates the psychoanalytical associations of the European region >> Read more